Welcome to Blabber!

The First Semaphore App

Blabber is not a social network.

Blabber is nothing but a portal to the Semaphore network. Everything you broadcast lives on Semaphore. Just as many web browsers can let you browse the internet, any number of apps can run on the unified Semaphore network. Export your keys and you can use another app or even run your own node to conenct directly to the Semaphore network.

Blabber is not finished.

Blabber is a simple example of what an app built on Semaphore can look like. If we have done our job right, it will look like a typical boring social media app. But a lot is happening in the background to synchronize with the decentralized Semaphore network! There are still features to add and probably some kinks left to be worked out...

Also, currently private keys are held on our server. Although Blabber does not yet support self-custody of keys, you can export your keys to your own node. Semaphore supports updating the keypair associated with your account.

What is Semaphore?

Semaphore is a decentralized social network with a chance of actually working! Semaphore's design is different from any decentralized network that has come before. Unlike networks that consist of separate instances, Semaphore nodes all write to a cryptographically verifiable, universal feed. Unlike other blockchains Semaphore functions without a cryptocurrency. Learn more about the details here.